No Love?

            So what is up with Bud Selig and his apparant beef with cincinnati? Is there a reason why we haven’t had a all star game in like 25 years? (ok like 22 but who is counting)There’s been like fifteen new stadiuns and two renovations to ballparks and every one of them has had an all star game, not cincinnati! Im starting to think selig has a personal vendetta with the reds, to major league baseball not calling the last game of the season in milwaukee of the 95 year where the rainfall was heavy and the playing field at old county stadium was atrocious, which the reds would fall to the lowly Brewers forcing the 96 win reds (the most wins by any team not make the playoffs in mlb history) into a 1 game playoff with mets and us die hard reds fans know the outcome. To not letting rose back into baseball because he compromised the integrity of the game but him letting steroids in apparantly didn’t? And now the all star game. Were the first and most storied franchise and we gets no love. I mean Pittsburg got an all star game?Really?


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